Cement Rendering

Cement Rendering Sydney

Evolve Tiling offers a high quality, fast and affordable cement rendering service that can be used for:
  • Bathroom Rendering
  • Preparation of surface area to be tiled or waterproofed.
  • Internal and external residential living areas.
  • Feature walls
  • Cement render
  • Acrylic base coat
  • Repairs and Patching
  • Floor Screeding
We provide cement rendering services all over the Sydney area. For more information feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Repairs & Restorations



Do you have chipped or damaged tiles that need to be fixed or replaced? Don’t let that one damaged tile ruin your whole job. Broken tiles can leave sharp edges as well as attract mould and dirt and will leave your tiling looking poor and outdated. We can fix your broken, old or damaged tiles and leave them looking new again. If you already have spare tiles then you are in luck as finding an exact match will be time consuming and you will rarely get the same batch color. If not then dont worry. You should contact your local tile supplier and let them help you find a replacement. You can begin by taking photos and the exact size measurements of the tile to give to your supplier but it will be best to take a physical sample with you to show them, especially if the tiles you are looking for are older. Feel free to give us a call or send an email with any questions.



Looking for an experienced demolition and strip out service?

Depending on the condition of your current wall or floor area, it may not be possible to tile directly over tile as the added weight of the new surface area could exceed the capacity of your existing substrate causing major problems in the future.

It may not be the most cost effective option but if you are planning on staying in your home for many years then it is always a better option to demolish and clean up any foundations before you begin tiling or renovation work on top.

We are happy to assist you with any tiling removal and demolition queries you may have so feel free to give us a call or send us an email.


We specialise in:

  • All aspects of tile removal
  • Removing old or existing substrates
  • Bathroom and kitchen strip out back to original framework
  • Grinding and preparing substrate for tiling and waterproofing
  • Internal/External
  • Clean and Safe working environment
  • Rubbish Removal


Take your kitchen to the next level with Evolve

Kitchen Splashback Tiling

The kitchen is an important part of your home and is the center of attention when it comes to entertaining or adding value to a property. Splashback tiling can make an old kitchen look new and can liven up any area of your home.

We specialize in all aspects of tiling and natural stone and bring that experience to you helping you make the best decisions when it comes to renovating your home.

Kitchen splashback tiling can usually be finished the same day letting you get back to enjoying your home.

Start times are subject to availability.

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Bathroom Tiling Renovations


When it comes to tiling your bathroom you want the best! And so do we. Even if you’re on a budget, bathroom tiling renovations are not cheap! There is nothing worse than spending all your time and money on tiles and organizing trades, and then not getting the result you’re after.

All our tradesman are highly skilled and we work with you personally to make sure there’s no surprises or hidden costs.

Every job is different and what may be the case in one home may not be the case in the other. For this reason your job will be assessed individually before any work commences and all possible tiling options discussed with you so you can be confident of your decisions and make the right choice.

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Before                                                           After



(Method may vary according to job specifications)

  • First a cement bedding will be applied to the floor area of your bathroom to create the floor dimensions and set proper drainage to the floor wastes.
  • Once the cement bed has dried the waterproofing membrane will be applied. Our method complies with strict Australian standards and comes with a written warranty.
  • Click here to see our full waterproofing service
  • After the membrane has dried the floor tiles will be installed and then the wall tiles.
  • Now your bathroom is tiled and we are ready for grout. We have a wide selection of coloured grouts to match or off set your tiles and once we find the perfect match, the bathroom is grouted.
  • Any internal corners will be filled with a colour matched silicone adhesive. This will allow for movement and prevent grout from cracking.
  • The external tile edges will be finished with either a mitred edge or aluminium angle. This will always be discussed beforehand and costs will vary according to the finish selected.
  • Arrange a meeting with one of our friendly team and discuss the many options available to suit your needs and price range.
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Residential Tiling

Residential Tiling

Evolve Tiling offers a premium residential tiling service that guarantees the highest quality standard of work possible.

Our clients extend all over Sydney and its surrounding suburbs and we pride ourselves in being able to offer a wide range of options to suit any tiling needs or requirements.

We bring to you over a decade of tiling experience and keep up with the most advanced tiling specifications and techniques.

Our extensive tiling experience allows us to predict and determine possible problem areas that may arise in the tiling process that an inexperienced tiler may not be able to detect.

We strive to provide valuable ideas and solutions saving you time and money while increasing the quality of your job.